Back To School

Back To School

Written By: Destanie Ontiveros, NCT9-1-1 Communications Coordinator

It’s that time of year again! As our kids and loved ones return back into the classroom,
we want to provide you with some back to school tips and resources that will help everyone
transition back to school. Also, we want to remind you the importance of teaching your kids how
to call 9-1-1 in an emergency.

3 Tips To Get Ready For Back To School

1. Transitioning from a summer routine can be hard. We all know the struggle of getting our
kids out of bed in the morning. One thing we can provide for our kids to help them get
ready for school is to establish a nighttime routine that allows for optimal rest. It’s no
secret that kids thrive when they are well rested. Setting up a night time routine that
allows kids to have a full eight hours of uninterrupted sleep can help energize them for
the upcoming school year. By creating and following a nighttime routine, our kids will be
well prepared to wake up and take on the school year!
2. The next thing we can do to help our kids get ready for school is to organize.
Organization will help our kids as well as parents and guardians feel comfortable
transitioning back into school mode. Organization can take many forms. Whether it is
organizing our kids backpacks, school supplies, or back to school wardrobe, this is one
more thing we can do to help prepare our kids.
3. Lastly and most importantly, we can positively reinforce the school year for our kids. It is
important that we as parents and guardians build up our kids’ confidence. Reinforcing
back to school in a positive light can definitely affect our kids’ attitude on the upcoming
school year. Like every parent and or guardian, we want our kids to approach the school
year prepared and confident, and a positive approach will help.

How to Teach Your Kids To Call 9-1-1

Teaching our kids the proper use of 9-1-1 is very important. We want our kids to be able to get
help in any and all emergencies. Kids mimic their parents, and if you know how to handle an
emergency, it will be easier for them to learn. Does your family have an emergency plan for a
fire or natural disaster? Have you talked about what your child should do if they get lost? Or if
something were to happen at their school? The secret to dealing with a potential emergency is
planning. Sit down and talk to your child about scary situations they might find themselves in
and ways to handle them. These scenarios can vary from a house fire to a car accident to a threat
at their school. Cover all possibilities but remind them that these situations are rare. You’re not
trying to scare them, but to help them understand that the best way to stay safe is to be prepared.
Here is a fun exercise you can do with your kids to help teach them when and how to call 9-1-1.


As we prepare our kids to go back to school, we hope you find our tips and resources helpful.
You can learn more about 9-1-1 education and safety by visiting your local police department or
sheriff’s office website. We hope you have a great upcoming school year!

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