NCT9-1-1 TAG Team

NCT9-1-1 TAG Team

Written By: Destanie Ontiveros, NCT9-1-1 Communications Coordinator

What is a TAG Team and what purpose does it serve? The TAG Team stands for Together Accomplishing Goals Team. Part of the North Central Texas Emergency Communications District’s (NCT9-1-1) mission is to educate the public on 9-1-1 awareness. This initiative led to the creation of the TAG Team. The TAG Team is a public group dedicated to the development and sharing of 9-1-1 educational programs and resources. By collectively meeting TAG Team members are able to share ideas, goals, educational resources, and training that will help better serve the public. Speaking of the importance of the TAG Team, let’s talk about what is covered in quarterly meetings.


The TAG Team meets every three months to discuss current news pertaining to 9-1-1 public education, resources, goals, and ideas. More specifically, the TAG Team meets to discuss public education items, Emergency Communications Centers (ECCs) success stories, and any new and existing public education resources like free teaching materials to help educate the community. The TAG Team works well because we collaborate and share ideas and projects. We also are able to discuss projects and ideas that did and did not work. It is important to remember that every TAG Team can look different and have different goals in mind.


Keep in mind, there are different kinds of public educators. Public educators can represent law enforcement, fire and rescue, emergency medical services, and 9-1-1. The TAG Team strives to have a diverse group of public educators that can share different types of public education resources, viewpoints, materials, and training amongst each other.

The TAG Team continues to be successful in bringing together public educators within North Central Texas. Through collaboration, commitment, and innovation, the TAG Team has proven to be instrumental in successful public education and service. With  collaboration,  public educators can successfully plan, create, and execute 9-1-1 public education across the service area.  To learn more about the TAG Team, please visit the NCT9-1-1 website here.

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