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2D Floorplanning Initiative

The North Central Texas Emergency Communications District (NCT9-1-1) is asking for YOUR help SAVING LIVES & MAKING A DIFFERENCE.


The NCT9-1-1 Partnership with Academia Initiative has launched a pilot project collecting and organizing Independent School District (ISD) floorplan data. This data serves as a critical telecommunicator training and preparedness tool, ensuring that our first responders are ready to respond to any emergency.


By utilizing preexisting technologies, NCT9-1-1 would like to offer students and staff the opportunity to work with NCT9-1-1 team members to further develop this program by aiding in the collection of floorplan data.


Be a leader in NCT9-1-1’s Partnership with Academia!

  • Help provide life-saving information to First Responders.
  • Educate students in the latest Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technologies.
  • Protect and serve our community at little to no additional cost.


Are you ready to Save Lives and Make a Difference?

Please contact:

Jon Gutman

9-1-1 Strategic Services Specialist


T: (817) 291 – 5881


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