The NCT9-1-1 Strategic Advisory Committee serves as the audience for programmatic strategy, project vetting, and updates. The committee serves as the first line of review for the annual strategic plan and is briefed on current and upcoming projects. The committee is also utilized as an outlet to gauge interest, field concerns, and answer questions. Committee members can serve on subcommittees for individual projects where they serve as subject matter experts.

The committee is comprised of members from the public safety community with varied areas of programmatic expertise. When developing recommended appointments, staff provided members of the previous NCTCOG 9-1-1 Regional Advisory Committee (RAC) who were not eligible to serve on the 9-1-1 Board of Manager’s first opportunity to serve on the new committee.

The varied areas of the committee members are:

  • Police
  • Fire
  • Medical
  • Emergency Management Coordinator
  • Emergency Communications Center – Urban
  • Emergency Communications Center – Rural
  • Geographic Information Systems Coordinator – Urban
  • Geographic Information Systems Coordinators – Rural
  • Information Technologies
  • Regional Advisory Committee representatives